by Harold Pinter for Derby LIVE (2010)

by various writers for Soho Theatre (2009)

The Times ★★★★

“Ten short sharp responses to the current economic crisis that collectively blaze with anger, buzz with wit and crackle with acute anxiety … in Lisa Goldman and Esther Richardson’s stripped-down staging [the plays] are vital and the best are thrillingly inventive. So much soaring, if scattergun, talent is, even these doom-laden days, cause for optimism.”

The Evening Standard ★★★★

“Nifty Soho has got there first, with an appealingly low budget evening of ten short plays.”

Financial Times

“Nippily delivered by a versatile cast on an appropriately threadbare set of packing cases, this is an astute and uplifting response to the current gloom and uncertainty.”

TOWN by DC Moore

for Royal and Derngate, Northampton (2010)

The Sunday Times ★★★★

“Every performance in Esther Richardson’s production holds you. By the end, you don’t want to leave its warm embrace.”

The Daily Telegraph ★★★★

“Esther Richardson’s production sustains a mood of intensity, mystery and beauty, catching the sudden shafts of sunlit possibility that streak across Moore’s small-town scenario of despondent, even suicidal hopelessness.”

The Times ★★★★

“Town is a beauty. … Esther Richardson’s production excels in its unflustered depiction of the desire and denial running through ordinary life.”

What’s On Stage ★★★★

“Esther Richardson’s intense 90-minute production, played in a traverse arrangement on the stage of the Royal, hidden from the spookily abandoned auditorium – is a powerful study in alienation not only in Its local detail and resonating anguish and anomie, but in its poetic sense of identity crisis.”

The Stage

“A mesmerising tour de force. … Under Esther Richardson’s direction, both plays are totally captivating and give an accessibility to two of Pinter’s finest works without making them any less thought-provoking.”

BE MY BABY by Amanda Whittington

for Derby Live (2011)

The Guardian ★★★★

“Esther Richardson’s sensitive production features fine work from Emily Alexander’s optimistic Dolores, Jenny Hulse’s distressed Norma and Michelle Tate’s been-here-before Queenie. But the evening belongs to Jessica Clark’s exceptionally poignant Mary, who begins the play no more than a child and heartbreakingly ends up leaving without one.”

SKYBUS co-created by Esther Richardson and Andy Barrett for Derby Live (2011)

The Guardian ★★★★

“Probably the only instance in which being stuck in an airport departure lounge becomes the definition of a good time.”

Derby Evening Telegraph

“A soaraway success”


by Richard Cameron for Cast in Doncaster (2013) – the opening production for this new venue. www.castindoncaster.com

What’s On Stage ★★★★

“Esther Richardson’s unfussy production... very strongly cast, of a play that fits perfectly with time and space.”

The Stage

“Esther Richardson’s production gives tender and searing interpretation...”


by Emteaz Hussain for Tamasha and Belgrade theatre, Coventry (touring  nationally 2015)

“Emteaz Hussain’s intelligently directed drama ...in Esther Richardson’s intelligently sparse production, the characters’ tendency to internalise their worst fears makes the reason for their anxiety more vividly apparent.” The Guardian


by Mufaro Makubika for Nottingham Playhouse (2015)

“I applaud the way Mugarisanwa, with the help of director Esther Richardson, actively engaged the audience, not just through an effective use of the studio space but how the Zimbabwean actor broke the invisible boundary between voyeur and subject to develop a mature but tangibly intimate connection with the viewer” Impact Magazine

“In Esther Richardson’s wonderfully theatrical production, Pattani gradually discovers her character’s ability to trust, and Samuel-Bal grows slowly into a man. This is a superb example of new writing, and the enjoyable production is a fitting tribute to this company’s good work” ****The Stage

“Esther Richardson directs with great confidence and flair” The Arts Desk

“Blood, simply put, is a beautiful production” ***** Female Arts

“Wonderfully sharp... the performances enthralling” ****Time Out

“The performance smoothly combined national events and local events in a polished, simple yet sophisticated performance. The storyline and dancefloor scenes were combined seamlessly through expert stage direction. There was great attention to detail in researching and recreating authentic dance moves from each era which were executed with energy, enthusiasm and commitment. A very unexpected and impressive achievement for what was predominantly a social dance piece.” Arts Council Assessment


co-directed with Lucy Hind for Cast in Doncaster and Right Up Our Street (2015) - ‘The history of Doncaster from the dancefloor’


by Noel Coward for Mercury Theatre, Colchester, opening May 2016